Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pulled A Trigger Without Thinking, There's Only One Way Down This Road

I was running down the school hall. It seemed gloomier than usual. The blue lockers became more of a pale blue, almost gray shade. The cream colored tiled were even darker than usual, it was like it knew something I didn't. Something horrible.
  I wasn't sure where I was running to, but I began to wonder when I'd get there. It felt like I was running in circles, like I'd never quite reach where I needed to go. I kept running anyways; it was almost like if I stopped I'd die. For a track runner, I oddly felt out of breath and weak. Then I saw my math classroom at the end of the almost never ending hall. It appeared out of nowhere.
The sudden noise made me drop to the floor. My body shooked against the cold floor tile. I scrambled to get back on my feet but they kept slipping and I kept hitting floor. Then, suddenly, I felt a hand grip my shoulder, pulling me up and pushing me against the locker. Everything got blurry as soon as my back hit that locker. It was like with that impact I had practically became blind. 
"Don't look so scared, you deserve this." Just from the sound of his voice I could imagine his face. The flicker of red in his eyes, the anger built up over years, the way his lips would sit in an almost evil smirk, like he was going to enjoy every second of it. But the pieces of his face didn't quite fit together, I couldn't see his whole face at once.
"You think you're always fucking right, don't you? You're so fucking smart, aren't you? Than answer this question. Which hand is the gun behind? The right?" He moved his right shoulder and then his left when he said "Or the left." He waited less than 10 seconds before saying, "Eeeeeh! Wrong. It's both." He chuckled darkly, for a second it didn't even sound human. "Why don't you show me your run, track star?"
I screamed. I kicked and I punched and I let out another blood curdling scream. "HELP!" I yelled and yelled, then I felt hands holding me down as my body shook and annoying beeping sound hit my ears drums.
"Shh. Shh. It's okay, Ponyboy. Breathe." A soothing voice said.
My eyes flickered open and I was surrounded by nurses and a doctor checking my heart moniter.
I was shaking uncontrollably and sweat covered my body. I couldn't breath. It felt like I was being strangled as I tried to suck air through. "Help." I said barely understandable through my gasps of air.
The nurse who's voice I heard grabbed my hand, "Do you feel my breathing?" She pushed my hand against her chest, "Try to copy how I breathe. You'll be okay."
Eventually I calmed down. It wasn't like that was my first panic attack. I got one or two when my parents died, but they weren't nearly as bad.
Soon all the nurses left and my family replaced them.
"Hey Pony," Soda said scruffing my hair and pulling up a chair to my bed, "You look better, kid."
Darry and Kitty followed after him.
"When I heard about what happened at the school, I came as quick as I could." Darry said
"That's what she said." I smiled at my joke and everyone just stared at me with big eyes, bewildered for some odd reason.
"I...I...I thought I lost you." Kitty said, her voice cracking as if she was crying for hours, "And your first words to us are going to be "That's what she said"?"
I was confused. Almost lost me? "What?"
"Don't "What" me! You were out for two days! I thought you were in a coma and you were never gonna wake up. I thought I lost my baby brother!" She went on and on rambling.
I looked in and took in the surroundings. The white with very light blue pattern hospital gown I was sporting, the rough sheets, and the spotless room. I was completely oblivious, "Why am I in the hospital?" I didn't notice until now; I was in a hospital.
"Really?" Darry asked simpiaticly, "You don't remember what happened?"
"What happened at school? Did something happen to the gang? Is Jelly okay?" I began to worry.
The room grew silent except for my heart moniter and my heavy breathing. I felt another panic attack coming on.
There was a knock on the door as a tall doctor with longer black hair came in. He oddly resembled Jesse from Full House. "Hey, how's are little trooper doing?" He smiled at me as if it were to comfort me, but in reality it made me the exact opposite. It was the type of smile doctors only gave you when somethings wrong. I knew that something happened, and I didn't know what. That's what freaked me out the most.
Before I could respond, Darry was talking. "He doesn't remember it. I thought you said he was okay, just a little wound. That's what you said. My brother has fucking brain problems." Darry didn't even yell, but his tone kind of made you wish he did. It was the type that could maie you want to die right theb and there. He was getting tensed; you could practically see steam coming out of his ears.
"Is that so?" He looked at Darry, then to me, "Pony can you tell me why you are here?"
I felt like the kid caught sleeping in class and as punishment he was forced to answer a question that everyone else learned and knew but him. "Uhm..." I searched Darry, Kitty, and Soda's face, but they were showing no hints. "I got hurt?" I did an awkward laugh, which caused a sharp pain in my side. I winced and made a small noise indicating my pain.
"Have mercy." The doctor said scribbling note on the paper in his clipboard, "Pony, can you tell me all about the last day you remember?"
I told him everything I remembered from monday, like breakfast and Soda almost forgetting his pants again. Then I got to fifth period, "Uhm My math teacher, Mrs. Hewette, let me go to the library so I wouldn't get fined for a late book. Then uhm... I walked back...and uhm." I took a long pause after that, "I was having a horrible dream. In this hospital bed."
"What was the dream about?"
"I was running from someone, I think, and a guy wanted to shoot me."
He scribbled some more notes before continuing, "I don't think there's anything wrong with his brain. We'll do tests to be sure. He's most likely suffering from repressed memories. It's actually very common for people who go through a traumatic event like Pony."
I hate the way doctors talk as if I'm not there. Basically, my mind is blocking out whatever happened to me, out. The memory is in my long-term memory, but It's being forced out of my short term. Slowly, I could begin to remember things or I can dream about parts of them. Why would anyone want to though?
"When can I leave? I have a project I need to finish, for English." I asked genuinely concerned about my project.
"Pony, there was a school shooting. The last few days of school have been cancelled."
"Sc-sch-school shooting?" I stuttered. Everyone had been avoiding saying what happened. "Where's the rest of the gang? Are...are..are. they okay?" I could feel my throat closing and I could basically hear my heavy staccato pants.
The doctors quickly sood my family out as the nurses tried to regulate my breathing. But it was no use. They were taking away what I needed most. My family. The gang included. I didn't even hear if everyone else was okay.
I was tired, confused, and completely helpless. I wanted to know what was going on and it was frustrating that I couldn't remember a thing. There wasn't much I was too sure about anymore. But I did know I wouldn't be getting much sleep anytime soon.
I didn't have much to time to ponder about anything that was running through my mind before everything went black. I passed out.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket

I got home rather early, about 4:10. Since track season just ended, I walked straight home from school. I carelessly threw my books on the table and made a b-line for the fridge.
"Great." I mumbled to myself, "There's no food." I slammed the refrigerator door shut and took out all my assignments for tonight. School was almost over and to teachers that meant they had to shove a buttload of homework at us.
The white pages littered the dining room table; I worked on the assignment that was closest to me, English.  We were reading the story, The Scarlet Letter, you know the one that's mentioned in Easy A? The assignment on it wasn't hard, I just had to do a take home test.

-Knock, Knock-

That's weird? I thought. No one ever knocks on our door; they just walk in. I walked to the door hesitantly. Chances are it was just a salesmen, but with winning the rumble so recently, you don't know what those socs would do for revenge.

I opened the door to find a beautiful girl. Her curly hair now a rich brown, but her eyes and smile shined the same as always. "You dyed your hair?"

"Why, yes I did! I felt the need for a change," Jelly laughed a slight skip to her step as she walked passed me. As soon as she made it three steps past the door, though, she stopped and turned to me abruptly, "Soda isn't home, right?" She now whispered, her eyes looked at mine franticly.

"He's at work," I responded, calming her nerves.

"I don't know how much longer I can avoid him." She sighed.

Jelly has been visiting the Curtis' house after school, almost daily. Of course she always did this, but the difference now is she's trying to avoid Soda. I don't think they're really ready to talk about what happened. Oddly, that's okay with me. That means Jelly has more Pony time. We've become much closer and more open with each other because of that. Ever since the break up, she needed someone, she needed someone to be her steady foundation, and I was hoping that was me. I don't think she hangs around so often because I hate being alone or for homework help, like she says she does. Instead, I think she's the one who can't bare to be alone right now. I feel like that should bother me more, but I pushed the thought aside, often. I was just glad to be spending so much time with her.

"So, what are you working on?" She asked, sitting in a chair at the table that I successfully covered with my homework.

"Ever read the book, The Scarlet Letter?" She nodded in response, "Well, I'm doing a take home test." I began reading and filling in black circles as the conversation continued.

"I liked that book." She said rather bluntly, outlining the title of the book,with her finger, on my hard copy. "I always thought I was like the main character."

" Hester Prynne? I don't see it." I chuckled, her comment must have been a joke. Jelly didn't remind me of any of the characters in that story. She was much more beautiful and caring. I always thought she was more like a Dorothea Brooke, a character with a pure of heart; the best friend anybody could hope for.

"She cheated on her husband." Her words sounded hateful.

"He was lost at sea, she probably thought he was dead." I attempted to defend the character, "She was punished enough for her crimes, anyways. I mean, they even made her wear a fucking bright red A. Everyone knew about her past. She couldn't get past her mistake because of that stupid scarlet letter."

"Maybe, I should do that. Y'know, put a scarlet red A on all my clothes." A sob escaped her mouth, "I'm just like her, Pony. I fucking cheated on Soda, that's pretty much adultery!"

I dropped my pencil, with much more force than necessary, as the words began to come out of her mouth. I looked up to see her face already stained with tears, her mascara running down her cheeks. "Don't you ever say that. Don't you compare yourself to her; she's nothing like you, Jelly." I turned so I was completely facing her. My hands gripped hers firmly as I stared straight in her golden brown eyes, "You made a mistake, yes. But you shouldn't constantly punish yourself for it. A mistake is only an error in judgement, if a person can't accept your mistake and get over it, you don't need them in your life. And losing you would be their loss. End of story, okay? Even with your flaws..." Pause. "You're absolutely perfect. There's nothing you could do that would change that." It was like all the thoughts in head were fighting to get out and when they did, it was just a giant pile of vomit. I didn't know how to say everything that was racing through my mind. I just wanted her pain to stop. Every time I saw a tear on her face, it hurt me to. I wish I could take all of her pain away from her.

She pulled me into a soft hug; then she mumbled a thank you quietly in my ear. When she let go, I kept holding her one hand. She was looking down, as if her shoes just became the most interesting thing on the planet. I could tell she was still upset, but the kind that I couldn't do anything about. Words just wouldn't be enough.  I used my free hand to tilt her head up, so she was look right into my eyes.

"I like your new hair color," I commented pushing a strand out of her face and tucking it behind her ear. Our eyes stayed connected as I leaned in closer and closer. "You're too beautiful to cry as much as you do." I mumbled, my face barely avoiding touching hers. I could feel her warm breath hit my lips and it drove me crazy. Then again, what about her didn't. My eyes flickered from her eyes to her perfect lips, then back up. Then I couldn't get the thought out of my head. I had to fill the gap between our bodies. A new found confidence fell over me as I filled the empty space between our bodies. Our lips collided with a needy force. My hand slipped behind her neck, pulling her closer to me. Her hands went straight to my hair. Her dainty fingers laced through my dark locks.

Then, her hands fell from my hair to my chest. With one hard shove, we were pushed apart. It felt like we were in that kiss forever, though I know it couldn't have been more than a few seconds. I was breathless, a small smirk graced my lips. "You have no idea how much I wanted to do that." I whispered, I doubt she even heard it. It didn't matter though. That might have been the best moment of my life.

"How could you do that?" She said jumping up from the seat, her voice taking me by surprise. She grabbed her coat off the rack, "I'm fucking vulnerable right now! I- I needed a friend! And you just go and do that!"

"I.. umm I.." I stood and my legs began to shake. The confidence I had just a few minutes ago vanished.

"No, Pony. You're suppose to be my friend. You're suppose to comfort me! I love Soda! And..." Her eyes began to water again and she couldn't finish her sentence. She headed towards the door.

I began after her, "Wait, please! I'm sor-"

"Don't. Don't come near me. Don't you dare chase after me, Ponyboy Curtis." She growled, then slammed the door behind her.

It felt much too like a movie scene. Y'know, the scene that makes the crowd hurt because they weren't sure if there would be a happy ending or not. "Please don't go." My voice shaked and my knees gave. I knew she didn't hear me. It wouldn't have made a difference. She wasn't coming back.

For a moment, It only felt numbness. Then anger and sadness surged through me with so much power, I didn't know what to do.

I balled my hands into fists digging my short nails into my palms until it felt like it would bleed. But this pain was nothing compared to what just happened. How could I have been so stupid?

This must be what a broken heart is. It's like being trapped alone in the darkest abyss with a sword pierced through your chest. You feel as though you're completely transparent and everyone can tell. Everyone can see the hole in your heart. That's exactly what it is.

A broken heart is silent, it can't be seen but the blood still bleeds inside.

Friday, May 17, 2013

So Don't Fall In Love, There's Just Too Much To Lose

"So he kissed you. Just like that."
I was breathing unevenly from the brisk sprint I made in order to get to the park. I need to talk to him, my best friend, Johnny. Yeah, Johnny could be a goof, but we always got through things together. I guess in a weird way, he was my rock and I was his.
"I...He... Yeah." I barely spit out, I was panting so heavy. Johnny waited a minute for me to catch my breath, before continuing the conversation.
"Our high school track team must suck if you're the best runner in the school."
I gave him a light punch in the shoulder, "Shut up."
"I don't shut up-" I joined him in finishing the stupid line from our favorite movie, "I grow up and when I look at you I through up!" We followed the quote by making fake gag noises and then bursting into laughter. He always knew how to get me to laugh.
After the laughter died down our semi-serious conversation continued, "What about Jelly? What if she finds out?"
"You're still hung up on her?"
"Johnny, she's perfect! I don't know what it is about her, but I can't keep her off my m-"
"No. Pony, stop! She's Soda's girl. Your brother. I know you'll hate me for saying this, but you have to move on." His words had a staccato flow, emphasizing his point.
I looked down at my feet, kicking the sandy dirt around so it made a little cloud, "I know."
"Pony, it be different if it wasn't your brother or-"
"I know, Johnny. I know." I lifted my head up to look him in the eyes, "Can't a guy just dream."
He patted my back, "Yes, a guy can dream. But Pony, you dream too much. You'll get stuck in those fantasies and never quite make it back to reality."
I huffed in response.
"So what did you do after he kissed you? You ran here?"
"Yeah," I let out a small pity laugh, "I told him I accidentally gave the pizza guy your address instead of mine and that I was a faster runner than he was. So, I'd leave him in the dust if he tried to come with."
Johnny let out a small laugh, "Smooth, Pones, smooth!" I gave him another small punch. "You know, if I wanted to get punched I would have just waited for my dad to come home." The smile he gave me let me know he wasn't really mad.
"Do you like him?"
"I like Jelly."
"Ponyboy, you're my best friend. I tell you everything, I hope you'd do the same for me."
"I like Jelly." I repeated.
"I wasn't saying you didn't. I wasn't saying you like Tim, either."
"Then what are you saying?" The words were kind of cold.
"I'm just saying, you don't have to hide anything from me."
I put my arm around his shoulder and pulled him closer, "I wouldn't hide anything from you."
Then we dropped the subject. Johnny and I must of spent hours sitting on that bench, just talking. It really only felt like minutes when he said, "Shit, when did the sun go down? It's 11. Darry is going to kill you."
"Fuck."  I sat up on the bench, "You wanna sleep on our couch, Johnny Cade?"
"No,kid. You better start running before he skins ya."
I gave him a small smile before taking off.

Darry pulled  me by the collar of the shirt, "Pony. Where.The.Hell.Have.You.Been." His voice was a barely a whisper, but dripping with such anger, that I shivered with every word.
"I-I was w-with Johnny." I stuttered, stupidly. He pulled me into the kitchen.
"He's still here. Tim."
My eyes grew wide. Did he know? "Why does that matter? He sleeps here a lot." I tried to play it cool, but, my heartbeat was racing and my hands were clammy. I didn't want this conversation with Darry. Not right now. Not at nearly 12am.
"I saw you guys through the window, Pony. You ran straight past me." Whatever composure I had was gone at his words.
"Can we talk later?" I mumbled, my head suddenly pounding and I was feeling light headed.
Darry glared in my eyes. "You got school tomorrow. Go to bed."
I thanked God, mentally. I trudged into Soda and mine's bedroom. I quickly undressed into my underwear and slid into my spot. The bed felt more cramped than usual, as though there was another body sleeping there, but I was too tired to care.
I felt a dainty hand wrap around my waist. Soda must know Darry was yelling at me for something, but probably wasn't sure what.
He gave off the heavenly aurora of flower, cotton candy, and vanilla. A scent that only Jelly could possess. He must of had a date with her before he went to bed. They were probably cuddling, hugging, kissing.... My heart sunk with just the idea. I sighed before closing my eyes and attempting to fall asleep.
-Beep Beep Beep-
"Hey, honey!" The sweet voice wrapped an arm around me, much like last night, and pulled me closer to them.
"Six am. Already?" I Mumbled To Myself, Pushing My Face Deeper Into My Pillow. Too tired to notice or even care that the voice was definitely not Soda's
"OHMYGOD! PONY!" The High Pitch Voiced Shrieked Before Hitting Me With A Pillow. I groaned, but eventually turned to the person after I heard a thump and all my blankets went flying with the body that just rolled off the bed.
"Hey, Jels?" My eyes were still adjusting to the sudden light. "Soda probably went to work already. What are you doing here?" Not that I minded, I was just curious.
"Well I.. Uh, well I- I stayed the night." She quickly wrapped the blankets around her as she sat on the floor. I blushed when I realized she was only in her underwear.
"Oh." Was all that managed to come out of my mouth. The nasties they were probably doing in my bed made me cringe.
"Can you go make breakfast or something? ... So I can get dressed." She mumbled harshly, brushing her hair back with her hands in an attempt to hide her embarrassment.

That was about two weeks ago and today was the day of the rumble. I was excited, but extremely nervous at the same time. I basically had to beg Darry to let me fight, on account of what happened last time, I probably wouldn't of let me either. Being the youngest of the gang, I think Darry tries to over protect me. Kind of like he was my father and I was his only child; he didn't want to lose me.
But when we appeared to have a lot less fighters, Darry couldn't deny me. Heck! They were even letting the girls fight and if they were going to be okay, then I sure as hell would be perfect.  Johnny and I determined we'd do a tag team sort of thing, since we were both on the smaller side. I mean, we're pretty tuff and I got pretty big muscles for my age, but we weren't sure if that was good enough when you're against the school's best football players.
I feel like the rumble was in slow motion, but at the same time everything happened so fast. It was over in the blink of an eye, almost. We won. Not like I doubted that we wouldn't... like some people.
Music was blasting. Everyone was hyper. And there was so much food... Johnny and I were basically stuffing our faces into the pizza.
"Pony? Are you listening to me?" Johnny huffed.
"Hmm?" I didn't pull my eyes off of Soda and Jelly. She left to get a drink. Even though, everyone was so happy about the rumble, I couldn't help but to feel sad seeing Soda and Jelly together. It stopped being jealously, because I knew she was happy with him. It became a sad feeling when I realized, she's won't be happy with just me.
"Ponyboy Curtis I ate your sister and you're next!"
I gave Johnny the most bizarre look, "You're no longer allowed near Kitty. She has a boyfriend, you know."
Johnny laughed, "You know I didn't mean like that. Such a teenage boy, you only listen to me when you think it involves something sexual."
"No. I just didn't want you to hurt my darling sister. Now you're really not allowed near her."
"That's okay! Soda and Dawn are fuck buddies!" A drunken Steve yelled from the center of the room, drawing everyone's attention.
Before I knew it, Soda was stormed off, leaving a bawling Jelly behind, in his path.
"Wow. So they both cheated on each other, who would've thought?" Johnny said as everyone started talking again.
"I got to talk to her!" I jumped off my chair about the dash to Jelly, when Johnny grabbed my arm.
"Leave it be."
"Johnnycake, a good friend would go.They'd try to calm her down."
"Yeah, but a good bro would stay out of it. Especially one who likes the girl."
I tugged my arm so it was no longer in his grip, "I have to"
"Hey" I mumbled sitting down next to Jelly. She looked up at me, but didn't say anything. Her swollen eyes made my heartache. "Watermelon?" I offered shoving my paper plate closer to her.
 "No. Thanks" Her tears started flowing like streams out of her eyes.
"Oh, I can't believe I forgot the kool aid and KFC. You can't have watermelon without those. For a smart track runner, I can be slow sometimes too."
She did a small, pitiful laugh, "Of course!" She paused taking a shallow breath, "I don't think I'll be able to eat again."
"Because of Soda?"
She looked at me as if I was insane, "Did you just miss what happen or...?" The words weren't angry, they were sad. She sounded broken and was desperately trying to hide it. Which was failing since she was crying on a couch in a room full of people.
I moved closer to her so I could wrap my arms around her, "Hey, he's just a little upset right now, you can fix this."
"Pony! Didn't you just see what happened?! I doubt he's gonna want to fix this!"
There was a long silence between us before I responded, "Do you wanna go outside and smoke a cigarette with me?"
She looked a tad irritated that I appeared to drop the subject, but nodded her head and followed me out the door.
She shivered as soon as we hit the cold night air. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. It wasn't real thick, but it would do. Who says chivalry is dead?
We sat down on the bench right next to the door, you could barely hear the music blasting on the inside. I took a pack out of my pocket. I pulled one of the sticks out just enough, so that I could take it out with my teeth and lips. It always looked cool when the guys in the movies did it. The I offered one to Jelly, who gladly accepted. I lit my cigarette, took a puff, then lit hers with the end of mine.
I was the first to say something, "Have you ever been in love?"
She looked at me as if I had grown a second head.
"It's horrible isn't it?" I continued, "It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up."

She nodded in agreement. "I guess you're right. I'm a prime example." A pitiful chuckle left her lips, "...No offense, Pony, but what do you know about love? You're only 16 and you've never had a girlfriend."
"I've read about it." I laughed at how stupid that sounded, "What I said was a quote from Neil Gaiman, but I thought it fit the situation.
"Pony, that doesn't really count-"
I cut her off before she finished, "You don't need to be in a relationship to be in love with someone."  It's funny how she can say I don't know what love is, when I'm so in love with her.
"I suppose you're right." She took a puff before continuing, "I guess it really hurts because it's my own damn fault. If I just didn't let things get out of control, if I just didn't sleep with him..." I could tell she was close to tears.

"He was sleeping with Dawn. You have every right to be upset with him too. It's not just your fault."
She looked at me as a stream of tears dropped from her eyes. I was quick to wipe it away, "When we lose ones we love, our bitterest tears are called forth by the memory of hours when we loved not enough." I mumbled "

"Did you just make another damn quote?"
A small chuckle left my lips, insure if she was upset by it or not. She was always one to appreciate them. "Yeah, sorry. It's how I relate things." I scratched the back of my head awkwardly.
She pulled me tight into a hug and cried on my shoulder for a good five minutes, until Johnny came out and pulled on my arm, "We're going home now." He growled, obviously upset that I didn't listen to him earlier.
"One second." I mumbled to him.
Jelly wiped her eyes with the end of my long sleeve jacket.
"You wanna hear one last quote?"
She nodded.
"I bet you've heard this a billion times," I whispered, grabbing her hand in nothing more than a comforting manner, "If you love someone, let them go. If they return to you, it was meant to be. If they don't, their love was never yours to begin with. Soda will come back, who couldn't love you?
Johnny coughed causing me to blush.
"I guess I gotta go" I let go of her hand, just before Johnny dragged me along.
"Hey, Pony!" She called
I turned, but Johnny kept me moving. For the first time tonight, I saw how broken she looked. The blue neon light just barely made her features visible. She now had her knees pressed to her chest are her thin arms keeping them tight to her body.
"Thank you for letting me stain your shirt with my makeup."
I gave her a warm smile, "Anytime! We can finish this conversation later. If you want, Jels. I love to hear your voice."
When I finally turned back around and we turned the corner, Johnny mumbled, "That's not the only thing you love about her."

(A/N: So I Tried To Write This Like A Normal Person Because I Thought It Would Be Easier To Read. It Takes Me Longer To Write Usually, Though XD I Guess I'm Asking If You Would Like It Better If I Wrote My Post Like That From Now On Or Does It Not Matter?)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I've Never Been Good With Words, Well At Least Not The Sweet Kind

It Was Getting Late And I Was Ready To Give Up On My Math Homework. Just When You Think You're Getting The Hang Of It, They Add The Letters A, B, C, And D, Then They Expect You To Be Able To Find X.

"Sodaaaa! When Is Darry Coming Home?" I Whined As I Heard The Front Door Open. It Was About Six And I Was Beginning To Worry, It Was  Past Our Usual Family Dinner Time. I Was Hungry And I Didn't Know When I'd Be Able To Eat Again. If They Didn’t Come Home, I Might Never Eat Again. Kitty Can't Cook.

"I Don't Know, Pony." Jelly Said Messing Up My Hair And Making Her Way To The Kitchen. "They Have To Work Over Time And Asked Me To Start Dinner For Them."

I Sighed And Continued Looking At My Abused Piece Of Lined Paper. Tonight Was Going To Be A Long Night. "FUUUUUUCK!" I  Yelled, Holding  The U For Emphasis.

"What? I'm Not That Bad Of A Cook!" She Yelled Back Before Knocking Over A Few Pots And Pans. "Pony, I Might Need Some Help..."

I Jumped Up From My Spot On The Floor Of The Living Room And Dashed Into The Kitchen. To Say I Liked Jelly Was An Understatement. She's Most Definitely On The Top Of My Favorites List. Not Only Was She Smart, But She Also Had A Sense Of Humor That I Adored. So, Maybe The Majority Of The Time Her Laugh Was Funnier Than The Joke; It's So Infectious That The Whole Room Would Be Laughing In Seconds. She Just Had That Type Of Personality That You Wanted To Be Around. I’m Glad She's Almost Always At Our House.

"Where's My Fair, Damsel In Distress?" I Said Bursting Into The Room.

"Just Get Me The Spaghetti Noodles, You Nerd." She Bumped Her Shoulder Against Mine And Stuck Out Her Tongue.

I Have Never Experienced A Harder Task Than Making Spaghetti. It Wasn't Exactly The Cooking Part That Was Hard, It Was The Mess Created By Cooking It.

“Ugh!” Jelly Sighed Struggling To Open The Jar Of Tomato Sauce.

“Uhm, Do You Need Help?” I Asked As I Poured The Spaghetti Noodles Into A Pot Of Boiling Water.

“No!” She Huffed Giving It One Last Tried. With No Success She Shoved The Jar Into My Chest. “Open It.”

“Feisty! I Like Them Feisty!” I Playfully Growled At Her Before Attempting To Open The Jar. It Was A Much Tougher Jar Then I Expected, But It Was Still Not Match For My Tuff Muscles.


“Oh No! I’ve Been Shot!” I Yelled Grabbing The Part Of My White Muscle Shirt That Was Now Stained Red. I Put The Jar On The Counter Before I Fell On The Floor. “Jelly,” I Whispered Hoarsely, “Please, Just Finish Making Dinner For Me. We Can’t Let Them Win.”

Then I Died.  

The Jar Of Tomato Sauce Had To Come Off As The Winner Of This Battle And Explode A Little On My Shirt. Jelly, Being The Sensitive Person She Is, Kicked Me In The Ribs, Laughed, And Said, “Pony. Get Off The Floor.”

I Got Off The Floor Frowning, “My Shirt Is Ruined And You Just... You Don’t Even Care! I’m Emotionally Tattered.” I Started Fake Crying Towards The End And Reached For The Jar.

“I’m...I’m Sorry? I Didn’t Know You Cared So Much...About Your Appearance.” She Patted My Shoulder Before Giving Me A Side Hug, Still Laughing Slightly.

And That’s Where She Went Wrong. I Took The Jar And Splashed Her With The Lovely Red Sauce.

“Uhm, You Did Not.”

“I. Think. I. Did.” I Accented Each Word And That’s When The Noodles Started Flying.

The Food Fight Didn’t Last Very Long, 15 Minutes Tops, But The Cleanup Took At Least Twice That Amount Of Time.

“Since We Basically Wasted All Of The Food, Should I Order Pizza?”

“Yeah, Why Didn’t We Think Of That To Begin With?”

“Because We’re Broke?” She Let Out A Small Laugh Before She Called ‘Tim’s Pizzeria.’

“Hey, Jelly?”

“Hmm..” She Hummed In Response.

“I’m Sorry If I Ruined Your Shirt. I Can Buy You A New One, If You Want?” Which Was Basically A Lie. I Don’t Have Any Money. Heck, My Shirts Are All Hand Me Downs From Soda.

“Just Don’t Spray Me With The Sink,” She Gave Me A Small Wink, “And We’re Okay.”
Is It Weird If I Say, That Was The Moment I Realized How Much She Took My Breath Away? Covered, Head To Toes, In Bright Red Tomato Sauce, Her Light Brown Curls Were In A Messy Fashion That Only Resembled Sex Hair, She Never Appeared More Stunning To Me.

I Was Blatantly Staring At Her As She Washed Some Of The Sauce Out Of Her Hair. She Must Of Noticed Because She Smiled At Me. That Small Smile Left Me Breathless, Speechless, Heart Pounding, Deep Breaths, And Shaky Hands. Her Smile Was A Truly Beautiful Smile. Is This Love?
No, I Can’t Be In Love With Jelly. Soda Really Likes Her. All He Does Is Talk About Her. But I Guess That Doesn’t Mean Shit To My Heart? So I Did The Stupid Thing And...

“Jelly, Can You Help Me Really Quick With My English Homework?” I Said Breaking The Silence.

“Yeah, Sure. I Thought You Were Doing Math, Though?”

“I Was, But I Just” I Paused, “Have You Read Othello?”

“No, Is That Shakespeare?”

“Yeah,” I Smiled. Shakespeare Was One Of My Favorite Authors, “Do You Know What These Lines Mean? ‘He hath achieved a maid/ That paragons description and wild fame,/ One that excels the quirks of blazoning pens,/ And in th' essential vesture of creation /Does tire the ingener.’”

“He Has A Beautiful Girl Friend? I’m Not Sure. It Sounds As Romantic As Fuck Though.”

“I Think What It’s Saying Is, He Has A Beautiful Girl. A Goddess. One So Beautiful And Grand, That Even The Best Poets Couldn’t Describe Her.”

“See, I Was Right. It Was Romantic. You Should Use It On A Girl, She’ll Melt.” She Laughed Again.

“I Think I Should Tell Soda This.” I State Not Looking Up From The Othello Book That Was Now In My Hand.

“That You Think He’s A Goddess? Pony,” She Paused, “Do You Have To Tell Me Something?”

I Scoffed, “No no no. I Meant He Has A Girl, So Divine That Even The Most Elegant Words Wouldn’t Do Her Justice.” The Words Just Came Out As If It Were Common Knowledge, Like  The Weather Report.

She Stared At Me For A Few Seconds And I Was Sure To Keep My Head Behind My Book, Attempting To Seem As Casual As Possible. I Basically Just Admitted My Crush On Jelly, To Jelly. Awkward Tension Brought To You By, Pony’s Stupidity.

“Thanks.”  She Replied Softly. “Uhm, I’m Gonna Take A Shower. Thanks To You, I Look Disgusting.”

“You Know, I Need A Shower Too! I’ll Join You!” I Said, Jokingly, To Lighten Up The Mood.

“I Really Hope You Don’t Shower With Your Brothers. There Is Only One Shower And Four People.”