Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I've Never Been Good With Words, Well At Least Not The Sweet Kind

It Was Getting Late And I Was Ready To Give Up On My Math Homework. Just When You Think You're Getting The Hang Of It, They Add The Letters A, B, C, And D, Then They Expect You To Be Able To Find X.

"Sodaaaa! When Is Darry Coming Home?" I Whined As I Heard The Front Door Open. It Was About Six And I Was Beginning To Worry, It Was  Past Our Usual Family Dinner Time. I Was Hungry And I Didn't Know When I'd Be Able To Eat Again. If They Didn’t Come Home, I Might Never Eat Again. Kitty Can't Cook.

"I Don't Know, Pony." Jelly Said Messing Up My Hair And Making Her Way To The Kitchen. "They Have To Work Over Time And Asked Me To Start Dinner For Them."

I Sighed And Continued Looking At My Abused Piece Of Lined Paper. Tonight Was Going To Be A Long Night. "FUUUUUUCK!" I  Yelled, Holding  The U For Emphasis.

"What? I'm Not That Bad Of A Cook!" She Yelled Back Before Knocking Over A Few Pots And Pans. "Pony, I Might Need Some Help..."

I Jumped Up From My Spot On The Floor Of The Living Room And Dashed Into The Kitchen. To Say I Liked Jelly Was An Understatement. She's Most Definitely On The Top Of My Favorites List. Not Only Was She Smart, But She Also Had A Sense Of Humor That I Adored. So, Maybe The Majority Of The Time Her Laugh Was Funnier Than The Joke; It's So Infectious That The Whole Room Would Be Laughing In Seconds. She Just Had That Type Of Personality That You Wanted To Be Around. I’m Glad She's Almost Always At Our House.

"Where's My Fair, Damsel In Distress?" I Said Bursting Into The Room.

"Just Get Me The Spaghetti Noodles, You Nerd." She Bumped Her Shoulder Against Mine And Stuck Out Her Tongue.

I Have Never Experienced A Harder Task Than Making Spaghetti. It Wasn't Exactly The Cooking Part That Was Hard, It Was The Mess Created By Cooking It.

“Ugh!” Jelly Sighed Struggling To Open The Jar Of Tomato Sauce.

“Uhm, Do You Need Help?” I Asked As I Poured The Spaghetti Noodles Into A Pot Of Boiling Water.

“No!” She Huffed Giving It One Last Tried. With No Success She Shoved The Jar Into My Chest. “Open It.”

“Feisty! I Like Them Feisty!” I Playfully Growled At Her Before Attempting To Open The Jar. It Was A Much Tougher Jar Then I Expected, But It Was Still Not Match For My Tuff Muscles.


“Oh No! I’ve Been Shot!” I Yelled Grabbing The Part Of My White Muscle Shirt That Was Now Stained Red. I Put The Jar On The Counter Before I Fell On The Floor. “Jelly,” I Whispered Hoarsely, “Please, Just Finish Making Dinner For Me. We Can’t Let Them Win.”

Then I Died.  

The Jar Of Tomato Sauce Had To Come Off As The Winner Of This Battle And Explode A Little On My Shirt. Jelly, Being The Sensitive Person She Is, Kicked Me In The Ribs, Laughed, And Said, “Pony. Get Off The Floor.”

I Got Off The Floor Frowning, “My Shirt Is Ruined And You Just... You Don’t Even Care! I’m Emotionally Tattered.” I Started Fake Crying Towards The End And Reached For The Jar.

“I’m...I’m Sorry? I Didn’t Know You Cared So Much...About Your Appearance.” She Patted My Shoulder Before Giving Me A Side Hug, Still Laughing Slightly.

And That’s Where She Went Wrong. I Took The Jar And Splashed Her With The Lovely Red Sauce.

“Uhm, You Did Not.”

“I. Think. I. Did.” I Accented Each Word And That’s When The Noodles Started Flying.

The Food Fight Didn’t Last Very Long, 15 Minutes Tops, But The Cleanup Took At Least Twice That Amount Of Time.

“Since We Basically Wasted All Of The Food, Should I Order Pizza?”

“Yeah, Why Didn’t We Think Of That To Begin With?”

“Because We’re Broke?” She Let Out A Small Laugh Before She Called ‘Tim’s Pizzeria.’

“Hey, Jelly?”

“Hmm..” She Hummed In Response.

“I’m Sorry If I Ruined Your Shirt. I Can Buy You A New One, If You Want?” Which Was Basically A Lie. I Don’t Have Any Money. Heck, My Shirts Are All Hand Me Downs From Soda.

“Just Don’t Spray Me With The Sink,” She Gave Me A Small Wink, “And We’re Okay.”
Is It Weird If I Say, That Was The Moment I Realized How Much She Took My Breath Away? Covered, Head To Toes, In Bright Red Tomato Sauce, Her Light Brown Curls Were In A Messy Fashion That Only Resembled Sex Hair, She Never Appeared More Stunning To Me.

I Was Blatantly Staring At Her As She Washed Some Of The Sauce Out Of Her Hair. She Must Of Noticed Because She Smiled At Me. That Small Smile Left Me Breathless, Speechless, Heart Pounding, Deep Breaths, And Shaky Hands. Her Smile Was A Truly Beautiful Smile. Is This Love?
No, I Can’t Be In Love With Jelly. Soda Really Likes Her. All He Does Is Talk About Her. But I Guess That Doesn’t Mean Shit To My Heart? So I Did The Stupid Thing And...

“Jelly, Can You Help Me Really Quick With My English Homework?” I Said Breaking The Silence.

“Yeah, Sure. I Thought You Were Doing Math, Though?”

“I Was, But I Just” I Paused, “Have You Read Othello?”

“No, Is That Shakespeare?”

“Yeah,” I Smiled. Shakespeare Was One Of My Favorite Authors, “Do You Know What These Lines Mean? ‘He hath achieved a maid/ That paragons description and wild fame,/ One that excels the quirks of blazoning pens,/ And in th' essential vesture of creation /Does tire the ingener.’”

“He Has A Beautiful Girl Friend? I’m Not Sure. It Sounds As Romantic As Fuck Though.”

“I Think What It’s Saying Is, He Has A Beautiful Girl. A Goddess. One So Beautiful And Grand, That Even The Best Poets Couldn’t Describe Her.”

“See, I Was Right. It Was Romantic. You Should Use It On A Girl, She’ll Melt.” She Laughed Again.

“I Think I Should Tell Soda This.” I State Not Looking Up From The Othello Book That Was Now In My Hand.

“That You Think He’s A Goddess? Pony,” She Paused, “Do You Have To Tell Me Something?”

I Scoffed, “No no no. I Meant He Has A Girl, So Divine That Even The Most Elegant Words Wouldn’t Do Her Justice.” The Words Just Came Out As If It Were Common Knowledge, Like  The Weather Report.

She Stared At Me For A Few Seconds And I Was Sure To Keep My Head Behind My Book, Attempting To Seem As Casual As Possible. I Basically Just Admitted My Crush On Jelly, To Jelly. Awkward Tension Brought To You By, Pony’s Stupidity.

“Thanks.”  She Replied Softly. “Uhm, I’m Gonna Take A Shower. Thanks To You, I Look Disgusting.”

“You Know, I Need A Shower Too! I’ll Join You!” I Said, Jokingly, To Lighten Up The Mood.

“I Really Hope You Don’t Shower With Your Brothers. There Is Only One Shower And Four People.”


  1. Pony tries to jump in the shower with me all the time -.- I tell him to go use the hose out back XD

    1. My God you Curtis kids are so fruity

  2. "Covered, head to toes in bright red tomato sauce, her light brown curls were in a messy fashion that only resembled sex hair, she never appeared more stunning to me,"

    This has got to be the most cheesy, remarkably stupid, innocent, yet adorable thing I've ever read. What the hell? O_o

    1. How is that cheesy and stupid? Lol. I think that's really sweet that some guys think that deeply into things.

  3. The fact that he said she had sex hair and he liked it worried me a little! PONY... YOU'RE NOT STAYING VERY GOLD!!!

  4. This is all rather flattering Mr. Ponyboy Curtis.

  5. I laughed so hard! Way to be dramatic Pones.

  6. you are such a drama queen little brother